Fine Print Press is an independent publishing house, under which, Fine Print, the literary and visual arts magazine is published. Occasionally, additional publications or other limited edition items are released under this imprint.


Fine Print is an independent literary and visual arts magazine that was inspired in part by the now-defunct publication Mother’s News out of Rhode Island. Our goal is to showcase the work of independent and up-and-coming artists and authors in communities around the world. In this way, we hope to catalyze a cross-pollination of artistic communities and forward-looking individuals. We are a physical publication, not a blog. PDF versions of previous issues can be found on this site purely for archival purposes. Fine Print is published on tabloid-sized 30 lb newsprint and is distributed for free in select cities throughout the United States. We currently circulate between 5,000 and 10,000 copies per issue. Fine Print is a labor of love and though we do accept advertisements from independent businesses, artists, authors, organizations, and other things we feel are beneficial to the creative community, all of the money raised goes solely to funding the printing and distribution of the publication.


At the moment we are not accepting unsolicited submissions for publication through Fine Print Press. However, we do accept the following for consideration for publication in Fine Print (the magazine): poetry, prose, essays, short stories, flash fiction, comics, and illustrations (black and white only). We are open to submissions/ideas that are not listed above pending review by our selection committee. We do not publish unsolicited critical reviews of any kind but will certainly consider publishing critical articles in the areas of literary and cultural studies. All artwork should be submitted at a minimum of 300 DPI. We ask that all submissions be previously unpublished works. Our staff members review all texts and visual art pieces submitted for consideration; if your work is (unanimously) selected, you will be contacted prior to publication. All rights revert to the artist upon publication. Please note that we are a small operation and the frequency in which the magazine is published depends on how quickly we receive enough submissions we are interested in printing and how much funding we have available (which is raised through the placement of advertisements; the details of which can be found on the corresponding page on the menu above). All of which is to say that it may take us some time to respond to your submission, though we promise we will. If your submission gets published elsewhere please let us know immediately. You may send your submissions to submissions@fineprintpaper.com